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7 Ways to Give Your Event a Green Make Over

7  Ways to Give Your Event a Green Make Over: Hosting an environmentally sustainable event, which inflicts no harm on the planet is the order of the day, and if you are planning to make

5 Best Ways NOT to Network at Events

5 Best Ways NOT to Network at Events: Networking events are the ideal place to boost the image of your organization, market your good and services and to develop the best contacts in the

3 Best Networking Strategies to use at your Event

3 Best Networking Strategies to use at your Event: Use an Event Networking App: There are numerous event networking apps like moozup, which would enable you to know prior to the event about all those attending the event

CME @ Narayana Nethralaya Goes Paperless With Moozup

CME @ Narayana Nethralaya Goes Paperless With Moozup: The field of eyecare is an ever developing one where it requires the practitioners to be on a learning spree all the time. However, owing to

5 Event Networking Tips for The Extroverts

Extroverts: The common definition of the term is said to be about a person who is friendly and outgoing. However,the term “extroversion” has a different meaning,which refers to a person who is energized by being

2014 The 9th Bangladesh Int’l Plastics, Industry Exhibition

2014 The 9th Bangladesh Int’l Plastics, Industry Exhibition: Exhibition are an ideal platform for networking and connecting with peers while staying updated about the industry developments. An international exhibition is an icing on the

How to use #Hashtags to Promote Your Event?

Hashtag is a phrase or a word that is preceded with the symbol “#” and is similar to the concept of keywords as it optimises the process of searching on the internet for relevant

IOL Clinix 2014 in Bangalore

  IOL Clinix 2014 in Bangalore a two day meetup organized by the Narayana Nethralaya in Bangalore, which would bring together all the professionals working in the field of eye care. The Event would aim to discuss

PRISM: Making Healthcare Patient Centered

The computerization of the world has surely led to the numerous advancements in the world for the well being of mankind. However, it has also been doing harm on par with good and one

2nd Annual Nutrition and Science 2014 Conference

The second edition of the nutrition and science conference,which brings together the who’s who from the nutrition industry, including the R&D heads, nutritionists, medical affairs, regulatory affairs, scientists, pharma and food companies, etc., all