6 tips to make the most out of event networking

Don’t let your event networking go to waste:

6 tips to make the most out of event networking

Don’t let your event networking go to waste. While most of the professional events are attended for networking and everyone is busy looking for an opportunity to make that killer impression. Make sure you do not do it wrong because like they say, opportunity does not hang from the clouds, it is connected to people. And the only way to grab it is by connecting to the people who have the right opportunities to offer to you.

Don’t network because you have to:

Agree that you are at the networking event to build your contacts, but don’t do it for the sake of it. This will make the situation awkward and networking, an artificial exercise like a teacher asking young boys to shake hands after a fight to symbolise friendship.

Don’t bother about the first impression:

The biggest mistake that everyone commits at networking events is that they stick to this cliched tip on making the best first impression. This means that they end up paying more attention to the finer details of their appearance and what they speak that they forget to listen to what the other person has to say. You definitely are not making the best first impression by doing this.

6 tips to make the most out of event networking


It is ok if the person you started talking to is not of your interest and even if you wish to walk away, try and listen. Every person brings in some value and knowledge. Moreover, it boosts your reputation if you come across as a good listener.

Know who is attending:

See if there are posts about the speakers and other high-profile speakers who have confirmed their attendance for the event. If someone you would like to stay connected is going to be there check their social profile and see if you can get an appointment to catch up at the event.

Pre-event networking:

Check with the organizer if there is a possibility for pre-event networking with the delegates, speakers, etc. Most events have a networking app that is exclusive to the event and lets you stay connected.

Be on time:

Make sure you are on time and have an update of all that’s been happening at previous sessions in case you missed any. One way is to look at the event agenda, but be careful ‘coz agendas are bound to change and you might seem like a fool praising a session that never happened. So, check with the organizer that if they have an e-agenda or even better a mobile agenda for the event.

Follow these tips to make sure that your event networking does not go to waste. And if you are an organizer, make sure you give your attendees the best value for their money by using a mobile agenda, and networking app for your event.

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