Don’t raise hands, use conference app to pose queries

MoozUp automates Q&A, polls at large-ticket professional events

Time has come to introduce MoozUp as the new whizz to conventional lectures and presentations. Let’s bid adieu to the conventional way where mikes were passed among attendees to enable them to raise their questions. Don’t raise hands to pose queries at a meet or a seminar. Similarly, the host who is fielding questions need not show the pointer to the questioner indicating the man in the blue shirt or the girl in the white T-shirt.

It’s not for the attendee to hog the limelight. It’s the question she raises that matters the most.

We are now in a time, where millions of dollars can be moved with just a touch. Then, why still be conventional about the way of handling a lecture or a conference?

Necessity is the mother of invention. MoozUp  can be used on android and iOS devices and even through laptops. MoozUp empowers you to post your queries to the speaker at a congregation. The questions automatically get flashed on the large screen on the dais.

The application got rave reviews from many conference attendees at Transforming Healthcare with Information Technology (THIT) organised by Apollo Healthcare at Bengaluru on October 16 and 17. Suresh Kochattil, General Manager of Apollo Edoc, has expressed his views about the application as well.

Dr Ramesh Nimmagadda was one person who was pleased with the way the Question-Answer rounds were handled with the help of MoozUp.conference app

The application was widely appreciated as it’s a leap that organisers have taken in the phase of handling conferences. This has enabled us to post questions, take part in polls and interact with the congregation in the conference all at once. The idea of MoozUp has overthrown the conventional notepads and voting pads.

This lets the user interact with people present in the congregation and expand his horizons. The conference app is developed in such a way that allows the users to be significant in their own way. It acts like a social networking platform for all the attendees at a convention and can be used by them to network with people who share similar professional interests.

Over 500 attendees made use of the app for participating in the Q&A session and also the live polls conducted in the event. The capability of the MoozUp application is scalable. For, the total number of questions handled at THIT session were 107 and the total number of polls conducted was 33. And, the product can be deployed at professional events of much larger scale too.conference app

Dr. Ryan Fernandez, senior resident at St. John’s Research Institute, Bangalore, along with A. Shankara Krishna and Dr. Sunil Kumar Sharma were using MoozUp extensively.


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