The most useful event app in the market

If you’re looking for a one stop solution (event app) for all your event management needs, then MoozUp is right up your alley.

Handling an event is not fun. You need to micromanage the guys who micromanage everybody else. Check-ins and checkouts at different locations, meetings, conferences, Q&A sessions and other events will be happening simultaneously, and not muddling things up is definitely considered a successful playout. If you don’t send your CEOs to the cellar, or your conference attendees into the parking lot for lunch by accident, then you know how to run an event.

But then, it’s 2015, and for everything else there’s mastercard and mobile apps. The gang at MeraEvents have used both and taken things to another level of utilitarian functionality. How?Well, so you’re hosting the latest tech conference or the most posh corporate ball of the year, and you’re going to have the big guns over. But see you’re a businessman at heart who believes in equal opportunity. So you’re going to call the small players with big futures over too. And because you like to throw in a curveball, you bring your entrepreneurs and your fresher graduate geniuses too. And because of all these mixed nuts, you guarantee a fun night of networking and plans.

Best event app for event organizers

But you can’t just put them all in a giant-sized conference hall or bunch of conference halls and hope they do their thing, since they’re here for that. No, things need to be done with a bit more tact and finesse. You need to MoozUp your event!

Okay, so, MoozUp is a multi-platform usable app that functions like your very own dynamic adaptable events-only organizer e-book. You can plan your event right from the moment your first guest enters the venue all the way down to the last to leave the party. But let’s get to the chunky bits. It’s time for a showcase.

rich conversations at events with moozup event appSo, everything on MoozUp happens on the dot. You’d have to manually do it though, so you start with you, the organizer. First off, you make an event page by filling in a few bits of information on your event. The obvious basics.

Then you get your attendees on board the app. That way, everyone knows who’s where, with your explicit permission, of course. You can have your attendees personalize their ‘slots’ in the event calendar or with a contact list. They get them to creatively market themselves and their products, if they like.

Next begins the networking. You know where everybody is, and you let your attendees, invitees to patrons, know where the fun is at. All this can be done instant
ly, live.

And you have many options as to what limits you want to set, based on the kind of interaction you have planned. You can have as many guests as you want, on the app, all at once, telling you where they are and what the agenda is for the day. And you can have any number of sub-events happening all at once.

And the really cool attendees get a bit more attention. But that is for the best.

This app lets you feel like a general overlord, ruler of your land and all who roam in it. For as long as your event lasts. And maybe after that too, depending on how you play your cards.

Nice, isn’t it.

It’s quick, simple to use, makes for easy delegation of plans, puts your guests in the loop, lets you know every tiny detail, and makes sure your event is super-productive.

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