4 reasons why you should have a white-labelled event app.

Event networking, mobile agenda made easy

The mobile app industry is exploding with high potential as Android and iOS apps make user engagement easier and faster than ever before. Apps are now an essential and unavoidable part of event tech.  A personalized app to ensure visibility on these digital platforms is extremely important for today’s digital-savvy customer base.

While most event organizers focus on having a dedicated event website, many of them tend to overlook the need for an event app. The tech scene today, is, however, ruled by mobile apps, as everyone has a smartphone and the preference is for using apps to websites. So, it is essential that organizers have a dedicated event app, that will facilitate conversations, and boost interaction among delegates at events.

However, most event organizers lack the expertise, the backend developers, and the finances to design, troubleshoot, and launch a dedicated event app for their event or conference.

This is where MoozUp comes into play. The greatest feature of this app, apart from its functionality, is that it is offered as a “White label” solution.MoozUp is available on Android phones and iOS platforms, keeping in view the needs of most users attending professional conferences.

What is ‘white labelling’?

The product/service offered by a user company by actually rebranding the original maker’s product/service as its own is called white labelling.

 MoozUp can be white labelled by a company that uses the app for its events. The event organizer can use “Moozup” that is designed with an attractive user interface and has been thoroughly tested to enable a seamless user experience for event attendees and organizers. MoozUp allows the event organizer to customize the app to suit the event needs.It is so much simpler to hire the services of MoozUp, and let the event attendees use it as your event-specific app for networking within the event, and also create a personalised event agenda while on the move.

Here is why a “White labeled” event app should be a top priority for you as an event organizer.

  1. MoozUp helps leverage the technology to suit your event’s needs: The entire team of MoozUp collaborates with you and addresses your specific event needs. The customizable features on the event app allow for endless tinkering to give you the perfect app for your event.
  2. Helps attendees organize their experience:  MoozUp helps event organisers offer their services to their attendees on a mobile platform. It helps organizers open the event up to attendees who can use the app to network and interact with people of common interests and use multiple networking features on the app before, during, and after the event.
  3. Customized app branding: The entire app is customized with event organizer/sponsor branding and is designed to build loyalty and brand recognition for the organizer / sponsor company. The look and feel, skins, features, and functionality can all be customized to meet the event organizers’ specific branding needs.
  4. It troubleshoots for you:MoozUp app has been launched on Android, and iOS platforms and has undergone a thorough testing so that the event organizer gets a finished product that is ready to use by attendees.

Event apps Whitelabelled

White labelled event app

Event app features

Here is how the Moozup app interface looks like:

Moozup event app Whitelabel solution

Here is the Whitelabelled app we developed for Tedx Hyderabad

Whitelabel event app

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