8 Amazing features of Moozup you can use to empower your event

Organizing an event is fun and exciting, but all this could come crashing like a deck of cards if you do not handle things the right way. So, is there a tried and tested method which is foolproof and offers best results and solutions to organizing an event? May be yes, but these might sky-rocket your event spend and new technology is always hard to learn and master.

Moreover, there is never a one-stop solution available that can handle your event based needs. Well, if these were the points haunting your thoughts and giving you sleepless nights, then here is a good news! Moozup, an online mobile agenda, and event networking tool, which is an easy to use, mobile web-app that has numerous beneficial features and are easy to use. Read on to find out more about the interesting features it offers for both the delegates and the organizers.

Delegate Features:

Mobile Agenda:

Mobile Agenda

Event agenda is bound to change and many iterations get made before and during the event. This means that the printed material you received might be outdated. Your delegates might not want to be part of every session, so let them know the real-time agenda of the event and be part of it. You can do this by utilising the mobile agenda feature that Moozup has to offer.

Enable this feature, which lets your delegates access event itinerary from any mobile device and personalise the agenda, creating a preferred schedule and alter at will.

Live Questions:

Live Questions

The most cumbersome part of any event is hosting the Q&A session, which requires your mic boy/girl running around the venue, passing the mic to people willing to ask questions. However, many a time, the session might extend beyond the stipulated time and people lose track of the question in the self-introduction process. But, not any more. As, Moozup offers live Q&A session, which enables your delegates to participate in panel discussions in real time at an event by asking speakers and presenters to answer questions through the mobile app.

Rich Conversations:

Events are for netwRich Conversationsorking, so let your delegates stay connected and network with everyone before, during, and after the event. Let your delegates cherish being part of the event as they can now cut down on the noise. Converse with their exact target audience in a one-on-one networking through the app without publicly displaying contact details.

Connect,Share and Network:

Schedule private meetings, participate in relevant discussions, and stay connected with those who actually matter before, during and after the event. Fix personal appointments and meetings, or join the group discussions, which are relevant and stay connected with people who matter, even a year after the event.

Organizer Features:

Broadcast:Broadcast messages

Update all your event attendees about iterations with the push of a button on the mobile app, which helps you send instant notifications.

The in-app broadcast message feature can be customized in event dashboard through the easy-to-use MoozUp.

Track engagement

Track Engagement:

Find out which session or talk interested your guests the most by  tracking the participant engagement and derive more advantage with the help of real-time analytics.

Event Integration:Event Integaration

Make changes on the go and sync them with your event website using MoozUp, the smart event networking app.

The changes get updated on your event website, when you make a change on the mobile web-app and click “publish,” as the event website is synced with the app.

Poll:Conduct Live Polls

Know what your guests feel about the event, by conducting real-time polls and surveys. While this is an ideal way to engage your delegates with real-time polls and surveys, you can also make changes to the session based on the feedback you receive.

The powerful polling feature turns delegates into active participants with lightning-fast results displayed live to the audience.

So, what’s holding you back. Click here to get a live demo and know how Moozup could work wonders for your event.

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