7 Ways to Give Your Event a Green Make Over

7  Ways to Give Your Event a Green Make Over:

7  Ways to Give Your Event a Green Make Over

7 Ways to Give Your Event a Green Make Over

Hosting an environmentally sustainable event, which inflicts no harm on the planet is the order of the day, and if you are planning to make your event a environmentally sustainable then please check our guide 7 Ways to Give Your Event a Green Make Over, which would offer a list of offbeat event management tips that can make your event a sustainable one.

Keep Your Guests Informed:  

7  Ways to Give Your Event a Green Make Over | Inform Your Guests

Informing your guests about your attempt at hosting an Eco friendly event, would be well received as the guests would appreciate the fact that you have made an attempt to include them in your decisions, more so when you request them to cooperate and contribute to your efforts.

Go Digital: 

The best way to spread the message that you are heading to organize an environmentally sustainable event, would be to go digital from the start of the event.Apart from saving paper, going digital would also contribute to making your event more engaging as the guests could network using the event networking app like Moozup, which facilitates event networking, before, during and after the event, along with being cost effective.

Promote Online:

Promote your event online by sending mails, digital brochures and using the wide spread scope of digital media as opposed to the traditional forms of marketing, which would result in a lot of wasted resources, along with no measurable form of results.


7  Ways to Give Your Event a Green Make Over

Place a recycle bin adjacent to the dustbins in the venue and encourage participants to recycle products rather than waste them.

Reuse Wherever Possible:

There are many items,which are used at an event that can be reused like the plastic name badges, that can be collected after the event and be reused in the future. Recycle unused banners, posters and collateral rather than disposing them after the event. You could also use decorating items that are rented like plants, candle holders, etc. to add to the ambiance.

Tip: Try using a digital collateral for your event, which can be re updated and used for your next event, rather than printing them out. 

Reuse Wherever Possible

Many items can be reused, such as plastic name badge holders as opposed to the adhesive types, which can be collected after the event and reused in the future. Design all banners and posters so they can be reused, and after all events, gather all unused collateral rather than just disposing of them. If they’re in good condition to be reused, great. Otherwise, recycle the material. You can also invest in decorations that can be reused and/or re-purposed. This will save you money in the long term.

Sever Food that is seasonal and local:

When you are hosting an event, the food that gets served has the potential to add or cut down on the waste basing on what you serve. It is always best to serve food that is seasonal and local as it would not have too many preservatives. You could also try serving food that is organic or vegetarian and may be donate the food, which was not served to a local food bank.

Give Green:

7  Ways to Give Your Event a Green Make Over

If you wish to go green at your event, make sure you give green as well and include Eco friendly things in your event giveaways, which the attendees could possibly take back home like mugs or promotional bags, which are made of organic materials.

Hope these 7  Ways to Give Your Event a Green Make Over was helpful. We would like to hear what are your unique ideas to organize a green event, so please share them in the comments below.

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