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5 Event Networking Tips for The Extroverts

Extroverts:┬áThe common definition of the term is said to be about a person who is friendly and outgoing. However,the term “extroversion” has a different meaning,which refers to a person who is energized by being

2014 The 9th Bangladesh Int’l Plastics, Industry Exhibition

2014 The 9th Bangladesh Int’l Plastics, Industry Exhibition: Exhibition are an ideal platform for networking and connecting with peers while staying updated about the industry developments. An international exhibition is an icing on the

How Conference Networking is Made Easier with Event Apps

The world is filled with more introverts than you could have ever thought of and often this excuse of being an introvert pulls people down on their career graph as they remain a wallflower

How to use #Hashtags to Promote Your Event?

Hashtag is a phrase or a word that is preceded with the symbol “#” and is similar to the concept of keywords as it optimises the process of searching on the internet for relevant